Digital marketing is increasingly prominent in today’s world. In the past decade, the boom in digital trends and technological advancement has skyrocketed and has changed the engagement of B2C and B2B. Here at ACOR, we aim to help your business grow by keeping up to date with marketing trends that are now able to connect your business to thousands of consumers at an instant. ACOR offers several marketing services as follows:


Let us do the work for you! Our job is to plan, strategize, manage, and analyze results for each social platform. We provide management services to keep your platforms active and growing. We guarantee to increase the number of followers, drive traffic to your site, increase engagement, gain valuable customer insights, improve SEO, monitor competitors, and develop a consistent brand image. We offer social media management for the following platforms:

·       Facebook

·       Twitter

·       LinkedIn

·       Instagram

·       WeChat

·       Weibo


With advanced targeting insights, social media advertising has made it easier for businesses to reach their audience at an instant. We are here to help you develop a dominant strategy in order to maximize your PPC. Our aim is to increase your brand presence and to generate leads.


We offer the service of managing your company website to ensure a user friendly platform. A website can be thought of as the first impression when meeting a client, therefore an eye catching and friendly site is essential to prevent a high bounce rate. Beyond the physical look of a website, we aim at making each business site SEO and mobile friendly.